Upgrading Umbraco from v4 to v7 and making the site responsive - it doesn't have to cost the earth

Thursday 17th November 2016, 10:14

Article showing how upgrading Umbraco from v4 to v7 and making an existing site responsive can be more cost effective than you might think.


Umbraco v7 Members' Area with Protected Content - Part 3 - Members MVC - Full Solution Tutorial

Wednesday 27th April 2016, 10:43

Two years ago (how time flies!) I last wrote a blog post on how to create a Members Surface Controller to allow for a Members’ section on websites in Umbraco. The tutorial was deliberately simple and wasn’t feature complete. It gets a lot of traffic and the odd comment and I think it’s about time I did the final step to add some of the standard functionality that websites require – e.g. validating the user’s email before allowing login, adding a forgotten password function and sending the necessary emails. As with all code - this is just the way I do it – there might be better ways, I’d be keen to hear them though!


Umbraco v7 Members' Area with Protected Content - Part 2 - Using a Custom MVC Members Controller

Monday 9th June 2014, 17:31

Following on from my last post - Umbraco v7 Members' Area with Protected Content Without Coding? I went off to try and create a custom Members Controller in MVC so that I could add some functionality like the ability to send the user an email to authorise the address they've given and to collect some custom information (such as their name and whether they want to join a mailing list).

Due to the recent changes in the Members API and some confusing documentation I ended up with a bit of a spider mess of code, using some obsolete Umbraco classes. Umbraco's Sebastiaan Janssen came to my rescue in the Our Umbraco forums but there was still some work to do to make it a full solutions so I'm posting it here as a starter for ten to help others (it's not production ready!). I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions for improvements.

Should probably note here - this is technically a step up from the last tutorial, you need a copy of Visual Studio (Express is fine) and some C# knowledge.


Umbraco v7 Members' Area with Protected Content Without Coding?

Tuesday 3rd June 2014, 13:43

I was attempting to help a new user by answering a query in the Umbraco forum which eventually morphed into the original poster trying to create a Members' area. I'd noticed some base snippets (these are out of the box bits of Razor macro code that usually work quite well giving you good starts on creating menus or listing or child nodes etc).

There are three which look like they'd give you a fully fledged members' area;

  • Login
  • Login Status
  • Member Register

It looks like the aim of the Umbraco team is to provide an out of the box Members' area - let's see how useable this is without having to delve into code *.

* OK - maybe a little bit of Razor !


How to Extend Umbraco v7 with a Custom Tree Menu Item and MVC API

Wednesday 14th May 2014, 21:07

How to create a custom menu item to import products from a third party database in Umbraco v7

We want a button that imports products into Umbraco

The documentation on extending the Umbraco backend was a bit mixed up with pre Version 7 stuff. I've a task to add a button to the settings section in the Umbraco backoffice which will allow the editor users to perform a products import from their third party stock system. In this example I'm going to try and use the latest Umbraco methods – namely Angular JS for the backend and MVC API for the integration. I'd be very interested in any feedback or opinions on the approach taken – I've worked through the documentation and various examples but there is a lot of legacy information but I think this is aligned with the recommended approach.

Please note - there are lots of simplifications in the example code (e.g. no error handling and no security), it's more intended to be a starter for ten rather than production ready code.


Siempre Solutions Limited is OPEN!!

Wednesday 30th April 2014, 11:50

Siempre Solutions Limited has been fully registered with Companies House and is open for business! Call Steve on 07968 694745

My Umbraco Manual becomes part of the official documentation!

Niels Hartvig of Umbraco tweets the go-live of my documentation!

Tuesday 29th April 2014, 20:02

Working along with the Umbraco community (Jeavon - who leads the documentation effort) my guide has been translated into GitHub Markdown and has become the Umbraco official documentation!

The head of Umbraco Niels Hartvig even tweeted it's launch!

I'll keep the PDF version below and try to keep it up to date with any changes.

Umbraco Manual - How to create a basic website from scratch / flat HTML

Screen Shot of PDF Umbraco Manual - creating websites from flat HTML!

Tuesday 21th April 2014, 15:07

Umbraco has always been missing some vital documentation - this was largely addressed by the Umbraco Video Tutorials but many prefer paper-style documentation so with that in mind I created a guide.

It takes you through creating a basic, but fully functional, website using a standard HTML template kit. This guide is useful with anyone tasked with taking a web designers flat HTML and importing it into Umbraco or for those interested in learning the basics of how a page is served from Umbraco.

UPDATE: The guide has now been used as the Umbraco official documentation!

CV iconDownload Umbraco 7.1 Manual - How to Create an Umbraco Website from Flat HTML Files.pdf

Call now to arrange an initial consultation - absolutely free.

phone iconCall Steve - 07968 694745

Siempre Solutions Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 09019307